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Location, Location, Location! Where will you deliver services?

Coaches have many different options for providing services to their clients and you’re not limited to just one. The two main service categories are in-person or distance coaching. Services that you provide in-person require a physical location such as an office, conference room, or venue where you will interact with clients face to face. TheContinue Reading “Location, Location, Location! Where will you deliver services?”

Business Building Planning

Envision Your Business: Brainstorming the Future

What is your vision for your business? The very first thing you should do before getting into the many details and decisions required to make your vision a reality is to figure out what your vision for your business is! Consider your past work experiences and make a list of what you loved, what leftContinue Reading “Envision Your Business: Brainstorming the Future”

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How to choose a Business Structure

One of the first things you need to consider is what legal structure your business will have, which will have an impact on how you pay taxes to the state and the federal government and your liability. There are several options each with benefits and difficulties. It is always best to consult with a lawyerContinue Reading “How to choose a Business Structure”