Business Building

Setting Yourself up For Success

There are three steps to building a business: Starting, Refining, and Growing!

When you are getting started it is important to make decisions and take action and that can be very intimidating when you are stepping into the unknown. Creating something new is an experimental process in the beginning so it is important to give yourself some grace. Feel free to try it one way for a while and then if it isn’t working, try something else! I went through several different logo designs before finding the one that truly fit my emerging company.

It is helpful to create a basic business plan to prepare you to make smart decisions for your business but it can also feel intimidating and overwhelming. When you are getting started there are many questions that seem very far in the future or that maybe you aren’t sure about the answer yet.

Create your first business plan in pencil!

It can be helpful to imagine you are writing your business plan in pencil, the way you might pencil in an appointment in your calendar because you want to create time for something that may not end up materializing. A business plan helps you create structure and intention and by imagining it in pencil you give yourself the flexibility to change your mind or even be wrong. The business plan you write for your first six months is like a rough draft of your company. Some parts are going to be inspired, some will need heavy editing once you get a feel for how things will really work for you, and some things will be cut entirely because they don’t work or no longer fit. Don’t expect yourself to write the final masterpiece from the first word, the weight of those expectations will slow you down and get in your way.

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers some business plan templates and tips, which you can find HERE but you can also just google business plan template to find something that helps you get started.

Happy Building and Best Wishes,

Angela Hayes, BS, Master Certified Life Coach

Life Coach Round Rock

I am a life and relationship coach in the Austin area of Texas. I started my own life coaching business, from scratch, and have more than doubled my revenue every year. I love what I do and I really enjoy mentoring others and helping them find a way to do what they love as well.